Ireland- this report is on ireland's government, holidays, location, population, religion, activities and more.there is a bibliography of 5 resoures

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Ireland is very beautiful. Many people go there to relax and to enjoy the country. I hope you like this paper and maybe will visit Ireland in the near future.

Ireland is in north Western Europe. The island is in the in the British Isles. It occupies five- sixths of the island and the remaining one- sixth is Northern Ireland. The Capital is Dublin. The North Atlantic Ocean, North Channel, Irish Sea, Saint George's channel, and Celtic Sea borders Ireland. The Population of Ireland is 3,883,159.

Ireland is divided into four Provinces. The provinces are named after Irish Kingdoms. One of the provinces is Ceinster, which is in the east. Another province is Munster, which is in the south. The province Connacht is in the west and the province Ulster is in the north. Each of the provinces is divided into countries. There are 32 countries altogether. Dublin is the largest city in Ireland.

The national Anthem of Ireland is "the Soldier's Song." The basic unit of Irish money is the Irish pound. The flag dates from the 1800's. The Green represents the country's Roman Catholics. The white part means unity. Orange represents the Protestant of Ulster. The main languages are English and Gaelic. A form of Gaelic spoken is often called Irish.

95 Percent of the people in Ireland is Roman Catholic. The largest Protestant church in Ireland is the Church of Ireland. Protestant churches in Ireland include Methodist and the Presbyterian Churches. The leading person in the country districts is often a priest. Nearly 20,000 people in Ireland are priest, nuns, monks, and brothers. Today the Catholic Church no longer has a special place in the Constitution, its influence is reflected through law and government. The Archbishop of Armagh, which is in Northern Ireland, is the...