Irish Easter Rebellion

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Report: Even though, the uprising of the Irish Republican Brotherhood during the Irish Easter Rebellion of 1916 was unsuccessful; it still made a last effect on the Irish Government and the Irish Society. The Irish Easter Rebellion was a very noble movement by the citizens and the Irish Republic Brotherhood, but it was a failed mission. Many lives were lost, and a lot of money was lost in the damages of Dublin (Encarta, 0). But even though, at the time, the Easter Rebellion seemed like a complete disaster, it actually help lead up to the establishment of the Irish Republic in 1921 and helped create a new spirit for all Irish citizens (Encarta, 0).

It was April 24th 1916, a small band of armed insurrectionists declared Ireland a Republic. This event is known as the Easter Rising, a violent battle that resulted in many deaths and the destruction of many parts of Dublin.

There were 1600 men, women and children who marched down the street of Dublin, heading towards its Capitol Building. They all had the intent of to take down there government, to achieve political freedom and to establish an Irish Republic (Collins, 5).

It was about noon on April 24th, they 1600 men gathered and began marching down the busy streets of Dublin, planning on destroying anything and everything in order to get there message across. There were only half of the men that were armed. There was one group that attacked the Magazine Fort in Phoenix Park. Another actually entered an unguarded Dublin Castle, but instead of occupying the symbol of British rule, withdrew to a biscuit factory nearby (Irish Northern Aid, 0). There were other groups and units, which set up in different spots around Dublin to attack. The crowd then began to march...