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Have you ever wondered what its like to not have to worry anymore about keeping your flours clean without regular vacuuming? Does it seem like almost too good to be true? iRobot, the company who has created various miracle household robotic wonders like the iRobot Roomba, who's ultimately goal is to make vacuuming a more pleasant and peaceful experience for people who simply don't have the luxury of time to be bothered by this kind of daily task, has only this to say, "No, it is possible." Through their iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum wonder, more and more people are now getting hooked on being able to live the "good life" as it continuously make one of the most common and tiresome (not to mention, boring) household chore feel more "like a breeze".

iRobot released this consumer robot based on their expertise in military robots which you can see if you visit their website

Although it is a complex unit under the hood it is simple to use; just put it in the center of the room and push a button and it will get to work.

According to Cravotta the Roomba is essentially an intelligent vacuum, or robot. This vacuum has a sensor on it so that is doesn't tumble down stairs. It will detect the dirt on your floor whether it is carpet, wood, or linoleum. The best part about this robot is that it can tell when it is running low on battery life and it will return to the docking station and charge itself (Swisher, 2004: 1). With the Roomba, you will never have to vacuum your house regularly again. With technology like this there will be less injuries and stress to human beings.

In addition, I believe all three cofounders where great entrepreneurs, There...