The iron heel

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Summary: The Iron Heel is a novel of and for the great working class. Its inner idea of laborer and boss working and helping each other through the social and economic mountains of equality will always try to be enforced from years to come, but sadly, will never happen. It just can't happen. Boss's rules over workers, enslaving them and working them to the limit and this is always how it shall be done. There is no other way around this, everyone has someone of a higher power around them; student to teacher, teacher to principle, principle to the board, board to mayor, mayor to governor, governor to president and finally president to the people. One man cannot appease all. This is where law comes in. If law were not present, all cultures, government and way of life would crumble. It would be man against man, brother on brother until the inevitable Extinction Level Event.

This is why I disagree with Ernest Everhard. He tries to make the boss's see the way, but he can't because that way will never happen. The most he will ever get from a few sparse owners is an occasional raise or improvement on conditions. I'm not saying this wont help, but its what he should be shooting at. I admire him at his work but like I said, no one man can effect a populating class of millions.

Before I go into my opinion on his actions and consequences, I would like to give you an overview of the book.

Ernest Everhard is highly educated young man with a vision. He wants the upper class to experience what the workers go through everyday. With his brilliant wit and first hand experience, he triumphs past hundreds of debates and analysis's for a personal "high."...