"Ironman" by Chris Crutcher.

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By: Chris Crutcher

In the novel Ironman, there are many themes that surround the basic concept of the novel. The theme that stands out the most is making the right decisions and choices and the future effects that these decisions could possibly have. This theme is something that haunts the main character Bo Brewster throughout the novel. Bo often lets his anger get the best of him and this makes him seem like a very weak individual. Bo also makes it seem like everyone involved in his life is being unfair to him. There are many situations and places in which Bo is unable to attain the right character traits that a good protagonist would. Bo makes wrong decisions on the football field, in his English class and even at home with his father.

Bo was one of the best athletes in the school. His coach gave him a hard time just about all the time.

The coach was simply doing his job. Most coaches push their student athletes to excel in their sport and to improve at that activity. Just about all football coaches give their team a hard time, but Bo did not quite realize that. Instead of listening to the coach and doing as he is told, Bo "mouths off" and talks back constantly. This is not a good character trait to have. Eventually Bo is fed up with the coach and walks away from the entire team. This shows his lack of support for the team and his character side of being a "sore loser" for this situation. His decision not only affects the team as a whole, but effects the coach and himself as

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well. That is definitely not the right decision Bo made. The coach treated the entire...