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The famous pop culture movie, The Matrix, has many ties to the archetypal heroes and characters of other classic literature or literature in general.

"The Matrix is a film that blends the traditions of the heroic quest and the ancient beliefs of Buddhist enlightenment with revolutionary photography and a trend setting techno music score to create a modern allegory about humans versus machines. The movie also incorporates Jungian psychology, Kung Fu action sequences, and elements of King Arthur and Star Wars. The Matrix is a myth for modern times."

For example, the journal that Neo (Neo being the Alice, Knight, Buddha, or buddhist followers, Luke skywalker of his story) embarks on is much like any journal any heroes goes on in order to be considered a hero. And those around the hero (such as Morpheus, being Merlin, Cheshire cat, Obi Wan Kanobi, One of those who searches for the incarnation of the buddha and such) supporting him, also resemble other characters in other stories.

Such metaphors or examples includes alice in wonderland, jung psychology, king arthur, star wars, buddhism, etc.

""The Matrix" uses visual effects to bring a horrifying reality to the screen. It uses all the techniques of movies; Lights, filming/camera techniques, acting, stunts, corresponding music, and the best special effects of its time. But the plot uses literaterary techniques/effects of concepts, allusions, irony, and the archetypes of being/becoming a hero."