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Among thousands of the all-time-famous inventors, Sir Isaac Newton was a major contributor to the world's development in the fields of science and mathematics. He was most famous for creating calculus, the law of gravity, usually known as Newton's apple, the three laws of motion and many other major discoveries in mathematics and science. To have achieved such a marvelous number of inventions, Isaac Newton had to experience many personal, social and even mental hardships from birth to early childhood without his father or mother beside him. He had to give his best effort to make his name known throughout the world. Today, Newton's works such as the law of gravity or the three laws of motion have been applied in every country's educational system and are commonly used. Isaac Newton has changed the point of view of the entire world.

The childhood of Sir Isaac Newton was not full of happy memories. He was born prematurely on Christmas Day 1642 in Woolsthorpe, near Grantham in Lincolnshire, England. His family was wealthy but uneducated. Unfortunately for little Isaac, he never saw his father since he had died two month before his baby was born. As Isaac turned three, his mother remarried another man, leaving her poor child for his grandmother to take care of. Lacking the love and care of his parents and being mocked by other kids, Isaac Newton became deeply introverted. When he was twelve, his mother returned to him after the death of her second husband, she brought along three small children, the result of the second marriage. This caused bitterness in Isaac. He felt like he was not a part of his family. Moreover, his mother, instead of encouraging him to go to school as he...