Isaac Newton and his contributions to the modern world Research Paper

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Sir Isaac Newton : Contributions

One of the most important scientists of all time, Isaac Newton, made many discoveries and theories that have changed the world. His studies in physics have influenced modern physics greatly with his laws of motion, his study of light, and his law of gravitational motion. Newton also created one of the most important scientific books of all time, the Principia, widely regarded as one of the most influential works on physics of all times. Newton has been one of the most influential and important people throughout history with his theories and his studies.

Isaac Newton, one of the greatest English scientists and mathematicians, was born in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire. He was born on December 25 1642, and was born "posthumously and prematurely and barely hung onto life" and "had an ill-starred youth"(Asimov103). Isaac Newton grew up from a family of farmers and he became very prosperous because of it.

He never knew his father, who was also named Isaac Newton, who died in October 1642, three months before his son was born. Although Newton's father owned a great deal of property and animals which made him a wealthy man, he was uneducated and could not sign his own name (Connor). His mother, marrying again three years later, left the child with his grandparents.

Isaac Newton's life can be split up into 3 different periods. The first period is his boyhood days from 1643 up to his appointment to a chair in 1669. The second period from 1669 to 1687 was where he did most of his work and was a professor at Cambridge. The third period was when Newton was a government official and had little interest in mathematical interest. (Connor). At school, Newton was interested in constructing mechanical devices. He showed no signs of unusual...