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"Capturing the Perfect Picture"

As I was looking through some magazines the other day, I thought to myself who takes all of these pictures of the stars and the newsworthy people. I wondered how much these photographers earned and the responsibilities that came along with their job. I became curious and eager to learn about what a day was like for a photographer and how they go about getting hired. I wanted to know how they gain access to big events, where would be the best place to work, and where and how I should start out. I think I'm more interested as to what lies behind a photo shoot rather than the picture itself. I want to become familiar with the all the job requirements and the different fields of photography. Ever since I was young and received my first camera, I've always enjoyed taking photographs. It would be such an experience being able to gain access to big events where you need a special pass, and having your photos in magazines, newspapers and shown on television.

Not only would be fun, but I would be getting paid for a hobby that I enjoy.

Researching this career, I came to find that there are so many different types of photography, but the one that stood out to me the most was a news photographer (photojournalist). They are the ones who take pictures of newsworthy people, places, sporting and political, etc. Usually they photograph pictures for journals, magazines, or television. I think being a news photographer sounds the most interesting and it seems to have a wide-selection of people and places you can photograph.

I learned that before becoming a news photographer, there are specific classes I would have to take in order to understand the certain tasks and technical...