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Jacksonville recently opened its ongoing agricultural masterpiece- the $25 million equestrian center. Within its proximity, there is a 123,000 square foot climate controlled arena capable of seating over 4,000. The concourse around the arena is available for vendor or exhibition space, and the terrace is usually utilized for other even functions. Two 150 by 300 foot rings, two 120 x 240 square foot practice arenas, a 200 x 400 square foot REBOUND turf arena, and 430 stalls are all located on this wonderful site. Additional stalls for up 300 horses, participant support facilities with showers and restrooms available, RV hookups equipped with water/sewer/electrical, ample parking, Olympic sized pool, and softball fields highlight the facilities true significance. All of this entitles the new Equestrian Center to be the prime location for Florida's fantastic annual Equestrian Celebration.

The Florida Equestrian Celebration is the gathering of horse trainers, handlers, riders, whispers, and all enthusiasts alike.

Seminars by many famous trainers are available to the public to help train and handle your horse. Also on site are Florida's largest trade sales, and a vast variety of workshops.

GaWaNi Pony Boy is among the roster of infamous handlers. In meeting Pony Boy, you will realize you are in the presence of a man on the same level with your horse. His teaching skill have caused him to be one of the most sought after horse behaviorists in the United States, and has left him in high demand among the rest of the world. Pony, along with his organization, Team Pony Boy, offers horse owners the tools and conveys the confidence horse owners need to make the changes in their horse and human relationships. Horses of all breeds and riders of all disciplines have gained from his common sense approach to training. What sets him...