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Stroup, Hewitt. Our Religions of Asia. New York: Harper and Row, 1968 Islam; A Message from Allah Islam the second largest religion, began in the City of Mecca and is believed to be revealed to Mohammed by the angel Gabriel to share with the world. Islam started in what is now a country called Saudi Arabia, a very wealthy strict Muslim country located in the Middle East. It is home to the holiest shrine that marks the beginning of Islam for the Muslims called, Ka?ba (cubic shape) which is located in Mecca.

Arabia wasn?t always wealthy nor was it Muslim at one point in history. In fact, foreigners once called its people ?animals? and ?barbarians? for their lack of formal religion and laws. In 610 C.E this all changed when Mohammed, the final prophet believed to have been chosen by God and introduced the Koran, the heart of Islam, that changed the world forever.

Arabia was a land that had many different tribes. The majority of Arabs living there did not belong to any formal religion but believed in supernatural forces, some as which they identified as spirits and the others as gods. Mecca one of the largest and most important city in Arabia also contained Arabia?s holiest pagan shrine. The shrine was located in right in the middle of the city . This shrine had a cube-shape to...