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Islam Context- Islam appeared in about 610 CE in the area of the Arabian Peninsula inland from Red Sea. It appeared in a town called Hijaz that was dominated by a number of different tribes. These tribes ruled the land when Mohammed was born. The Koresish tribe was the strongest of the tribes and it ran the principal city called Mecca. Mecca was a very important city in that it housed the Kaba. The Kaba was a sacred sanctuary that was the shrine to over three hundred gods. It was here that Mohammed would grow up and spend most of his life.

In 610 Mohammed began to receive the Koran and Allah's teachings from the angle Gabriel. Mohammed began to preach his message about Allah and about their being only one God (Allah). As Mohammed began to gain more and more followers the Mecca rulers began to take notice that this could ruin their city because people would stop visiting Kaba to worship all the gods.

Mohammed's life was in danger that is why he left and took a job governing the city of Medina. He took this job because it gave him a spot for his follower to go and to be out of harms way. In 630 the Moslems returned to Mecca and took control. They cleansed the Kaba and made Macca the home to worship Allah.

Creed- In Islam, Allah is the sole god; there is no other god besides Allah. He stands for the light and goodness. Allah is an uncreated light and they're for existed forever. He is the one that created light and he is the one that will take it away from us in the form of Judgement Day. Allah gave us all that was good including knowledge, truth, wisdom, beauty, ect.

The Muslims believe that there are heavens and earth that were created and ruled by Allah. Allah also has angels that are messengers from heaven to earth, where humans, animals, and shaitans exist. The Muslims believe that in the future the heavens and earth will be transformed in a paradise and a hell and on Judgement day Allah will come and either damn you to a life in an eternal hell or reward you with a passage to paradise.

Canon- The official body of writing that the religion of Islam believes in is the Quran (Koran). This was handed down from Allah, to the angel Gabriel, and then to Mohammed how spread the teachings of the Quran. The Quran is the only sacred text used by the religion of Islam. The Quran is unlike most others religion texts in that it's not told by other people, it is the exact words of Allah. It is the true doctrine of Islam.

You also have the Hadith and the Shariah. The Hadith is the words and actions of Mohammed and the Shariah is identified as "Islamic religious law."� Community- The world wide Muslim community is centered around Mecca. This is their "holy land"� and it is said that every good Muslim should make a trip to the land while they are alive. The local communities are centered around the mosque. This is the place to worship. It allows fellow Muslims to gather and socialize.

Code- As described by Prophet Mohammad. "Islam is built on five pillars: 1. The declaration (bearing witness) that there is no god but God (Allah) and that Mohammad is His messenger 2. The establishment of prayers 3. The payment of the Zakat (tax), 4. Observation of the fast of Ramadan 5. The Hajj (pilgrimage) if affordable." All good Muslims are expected to follow these rules.

Cult- Muslims engage in worship according to three repeated cycles: a daily, weekly, and annual cycle. The daily cycle includes your prayers facing Mecca. The weekly cycle includes the daily prayer, but on Friday Muslims are expect to gather at Mosque. The annual cycles of worship focus around two of the Five Pillars, which include the Fast of Ramadan and Hajj.