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Islam as a complete systematic religion is an organized set of standards and reality which covers the entire area of human belief and action, thoughts and practices, notion, word, and acts. Islamic values and notions cannot be completely appreciated until they are examined and understood as a whole.

DiscussionConcept of JihadThe Islamic theory of martyrdom (shahada) can only be clearly defined and comprehended with regard to Islamic concept of Holy Struggle (jihad), moreover the concept of jihad might only be respected if the concept of the principle of enjoining moral and determining what is immoral (al-amr bi'l-maruf) is properly valued (Lawrence 1991 p 150), and good and bad might only be understood if the sovereign celestial basis of virtue, truth, and honesty (tawhid), and how the Message of the great source of virtue and truth has been sincerely communicated to the human race by means of prophethood, are understood. Lastly the divine message might not be completely appreciated until the personification of this divine message, or the supreme example (imama or uswa) is correctly recognized.

We can therefore notice how the notion of martyrdom in Islam is associated with the whole religious conviction of Islam. This entire process can be one way or another understood if the phrase 'Islam' is valued. This is due to the fact that it is a derivate of the Arabic origin salama, which means submit as well as 'peace', Islam is a good and passive submission to the way of Allah. This means that being ready to give up your life (martyrdom) in the path of this submission. As a result the notion of martyrdom can be entirely and completely appreciated merely in the light of the Islamic principle of tawhid, or the complete unity of Allah as well as completely surrendering to His will...