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Hijab Ban in France

What the France is doing is very wrong. Why are they telling the Muslim women

that they can't wear the hijab? What about the nuns that they have a take their veal off

to because they are the same thing. Why is France getting bothered by Muslim women

wear the hijab? They wear the hijab so that the other men don't look at her with their

eyes. The husbands are the only one that could see the woman with their hijab (scarf)

off. The hijab is a chose that if you want to wear it you can, if you decide to wear the

hijab it's a big reward that you get from god.

The schools in France they already said that they won't allow Muslim girls

wearing the hijab in school. They should come in without it. This satiation has been

going on for many years it started in 1989 on September 18. This law was put in place

September 4. 2004 so it's been ten years now. Why don't France take the law out know

it's pointless to me their just making the people more angry about this situation. The

Human rights in France it clearly states freedom of religion. How is this not interfering

with that right? France is trying to kick out Islam from their country that's was it looks

like to me. Half the population of France is Muslim.

France doesn't see that the hijab is very similar to the veil what church sisters

wear when they pray. If they did to them and they started a fit the France would take

remove the law and everything would go back to normal. For some reason their not

taking out the hijab rule in school or anywhere ales. France doesn't want to hear...