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Religious Studies Coursework on Islam


(Around 500 words per Question)

1.Why are Mosques very important?

2.Describe, explain and explore all the main features of a mosque. What are all the reasons for all the main features of the mosque?

3.Is it a must that you have to go to a mosque to be a real Muslim?

4.What are the five pillars? Explain how they affect a Muslim's everyday life.

5.'Muslims can pray anywhere they may like, so mosques are not at all necessary to a Muslim's every day life.' Do you agree with this? Give reasons for your answers, indicating that you have understandably thought of another point of view.


Have you ever wondered how it would be to become a Muslim and a committed follower of Islam? Well, these five questions above and these five answers below will help you understand this.

1.The mosque is a place of worship. It is also called Masjid. The meaning of the word mosque literally means a 'place of prostration'. The whole history of Islam truly has all along centred on the importance of the mosque. The mosque also is of great worth to the community, both regionally, nationally, continentally and all around the world. Mosques are also community centres, schools, colleges and law courts. In the early history of the mosque and the mosque's role in Islam, the mosque was also a place where the Muslim pilgrims set out on a hajj and also where a holy war could be declared. This type of war is usually called a Jihad. Going to the mosque is the way that Muslims can express their main idea of ummah. This is the worldwide community of Islam. If you are a Muslim moving to a new...