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Essay by lukecasley July 2004

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Islam and Buddhism are both amazing religions and have similar roots to each other. Their changes and differences now probably out number their similarities but still they do have some. In essence, Islam tends to be much less progressive and more traditional and rigid. Interestingly Hinduism is the oldest living major religions of the world, while Islam is the youngest.

In relation to god there is a stark difference between the beliefs of both religions Buddhism believes that God was a man named Prince Siddhartha, in modern times he is called Buddha. Islam believes in one and only God who has 99 names, but is most popularly referred by the name Allah. Allah is also different to Buddha because he thought of as a supreme being, where Buddha is simply a enlightened man.

The teachings and their origin are also extremely different in the religions. Islam is based on the sayings of the Almighty Allah that have been conveyed to us through the many Prophets, Muhammad being the last one.

Hinduism is based upon the teachings of Prince Siddhartha and his many disciples.

Islam requires Muslims to pray five times a day to Allah while facing in the direction of Mecca, the holy city of Islam. It also requires Muslims to participate in the Zakah meaning Charity, Hajj meaning Pilgrimage, Sawm meaning Fasting. It also requires them to not eat meat of the pig or consume any intoxicating drinks.

Buddhism requires their followers to meditate each day, review the day every day, simply through their daily lives become more kind and direct our mind into the path to enlightenment. Some more traditional Buddhists only eat very basic foods such as rice or grains and beg for their food from people in their community.

Buddhism is more a group of...