Islam and Christianity: A comparison of these 2 Religions.

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Islam and Christianity

1)5 Central truths of Islam are: Belief in Allah as the true god, Belief in Angels, Belief in Scriptures, Belief in prophets and judgment and eternity.

Christians and Muslims are both monotheistic and believe in only one true God. However, this belief in one God is different with Christians because they recognize the Trinity. The Trinity is Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The Father is God; his son is Jesus Christ and lastly is the Holy Spirit. The three are very important to Christians not individually but as a whole. Muslims consider the Trinity to be a sign of weakness that Allah is all-powerful and does not need help from any two other powers. Islam and Christianity both recognize the existence of Angels. Both Holy Scriptures recognizes the existence of Gabriel and Michael. The psalms and the gospels are in both Christian and Muslim Holy scriptures, but each has different meanings and applications to life.

Prophets in each religion are recognized and will be classified as either true prophets or false prophets. A judgment day will come and Christians and Muslims recognize that heaven or hell for eternity will be the result of the judgment. During judgment day Christians believe they will be judged by whether or not they believe in Jesus Christ and that he died and rose again for our sins. Muslims go to heaven or hell depending on their good or bad actions or intentions while on earth.

4) Christians should fast more regularly, such as Muslims do. Fasting is important because it causes a person to be totally focused on God and not focused on physical needs. When we fast we show our love for God by longing to improve our spiritual needs and putting our physical needs on hold. Muslims show their...