ISLAM AND PSYCHOLOGY: The Human Psyche – A Quranic Perspective

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This essay is a modest attempt to explore the Quran's role in human psychology. It aims to show how the teachings of the Quran shape Man's behavior and explain his psychological tendencies. This would, in effect, give a better perception of the human psyche and the knowledge of how to control or mould these tendencies to benefit one's self. It also makes comparisons with regards to the Western take on the subject matter. By comparing both views, it strives to show the validity of Quran to the non-believers and for those who believe, gives a better understanding of themselves and their roles as Muslims.

IntroductionMan has existed on Earth since the ancient times. For centuries, new tribes have surfaced, replacing the old. Yet, many people around the world, past and present, simply do not know the meaning of life and the reason why they are put onto this Earth. They are under the notion that life starts and ends in this world.

As such, many have come up with a variety of theories and assumptions to explain their existence. The Materialists claim that they are here to have possessions and their goal is to attain more. Hedonists, on the other hand, think that their purpose is solely to enjoy themselves during their lifetime.

But then, is that all there is to life - to only have worldly possessions or to have fun? What comes after that? What then, is the real purpose of life? This age old question can only be answered by the Creator of Life Himself, Allah s.w.t, and He has given the answer in his Revelations to the chosen Prophets.

Quran - the Source of KnowledgeContrary to the popular saying "People don't come with manuals", Muslims, whether they realize it or not, already possess such a manual.