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Dear William Shakespeare,

I wanted to conversate with you regarding your play, Julius Caesar. I found the play very intriguing. To begin with, I enjoyed the spark of karma within the play. For instance, the main karmatic scene that stood out was when Brutus and his colleagues conspired against Caesar for royalty and riches and murdered him, then as a reaction Caesar's colleagues and the countrymen of Rome then rioted and killed the conspirators.

Furthermore, I was fascinated by the act of betrayal throughout the play. His own friends killed Caesar. The assassination of an innocent man that was oblivious to the idea that his own friend would kill him for royalty. Also when Cassius technically used Brutus for the conspiracy against Caesar and for him to be on their side.

In addition to, I loved the use of language and comparisons throughout the play. It made the whole play more interesting and more appealing to the eye.

For instance, the quote: "I love the name honor more than I fear death." I believe this quote means that

Another strong quote that I adored was:." I actually think this quote applies to everyday life. People in this life time when they want something, they want it automatically and offered on a silver platter. They don't want to deal with being patient and go through failures and disappointments during the process. It is rare to find someone who is willing to go through hard times but succeed in the end.

To finalize this letter, I fancied the use of foreshadowing. For example, in the play a soothsayer came up to Julius Caesar to beware March 15th. Close to the end he died on the exact same date. There was also Portia's dream. She dreamt that there...