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Islam is one of the younger religions when it compares to Christianity and Judaism, which are of the three major faiths in the world today. There are similarities between all three religions as well as differences. Christianity and Judaism are faiths that grew slowly throughout time but Islam evolved at a much faster pace in which the roots of Islam began in about 610 CE in Mecca, Saudi Arabia when an ordinary man named Mohammad (The Praised One) Ibn Abdullah received Allah's (God) word or revelations and spread that faith to Muslims all over.

The Messenger of God which Mohammad soon began to be called was said to have received the Word of Allah through the angel Gabriel during the spiritual retreat of Ramadan when he was forty years old. He soon preached to a few others who were close to him and then about three years later he was instructed to preach to the public which started the chain reaction of his belief to others.

Those other people were called Muslims who converted from the old idol worshipping ways to the monotheistic belief of the True and One God. The Holy shrine of Islam, the Ka'bah was cleansed and purged of its idols so that Muslims could have faith in only the One God and in none other. The tool that the Muslims used to spread the Islamic faith was the Qur'an which was the Holy Book that laid out the entire Word of God in which scholars' combined into written form after Mohammad's death. Within the Qur'an, it is said that the Ka'bah which is the holiest place in all of Mecca and most sacred to Muslims all over the world was Adam's original place of worship and was built by the Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael...