Islam, Osama bin Laden, Priciples of Islam.

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After reading information on the Islam religion, I can understand how Osama Bin Laden has convinced so many Muslims that what they are doing is right and just. The Islamic religion is based upon five major points, the first of which is the belief that there is no other deity besides Allah. Bin Laden has interpreted this to mean that anyone who does not believe in Islam is a threat to the religion. Another reason that suicide bomber's are so eager to give up their lives is so that they can go and be with Allah. The Hadith states that 'upon passing away one will enter a paradise [that he] will have faces like the moon on the night of its fullness [and] will neither spit nor blow their nose, or defecate therein, their utensils will be of gold, their combs of gold and silver, their censers of aloes wood, their sweat will be must, and each of them will have two spouses so beautiful that the marrow of their leg bones will be visible through the flesh' (Sterns 184).

The Paradise, or Heaven, that you go to once you die is considered a hundred times better than any life here on Earth. A suicide bomber's mentality must be that if he dies for Allah, than surely he will be admitted into a life that greatly surpasses his current one. The Hadith also states, 'to be stationed on the frontier for one day during the Holy War is better than [to possess] this world and all that is in it' (Sterns 182).

The concept of the afterlife has to be one of the most appealing things about Islam. Even though you may toil in this life, as long as you abide by the rules of Islam you will forever...