Islam Vs. Christianity vs. Judaisim

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Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all are very alike monotheistic religions. All of which have one all powerful god that says that in order to reach heaven they must act appropriately. Their ideas on what is appropriate are very common belife's amongst each other. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all come from the same prophet, Abraham, and because of such they are very closely related. One example would be that all three believe that god (allah) created Adam and Eve (Hallah).

Islam, Judaism, and Christianity believe that there god created humans differently than animals, and that God (Allah) gave human the power of thought, love, and a soul that can be passed on into heaven or hell. These religions, all stemming from the middle east, from the prophet Abraham and his teachings, all share similar beliefes on how the world was created and how a person should act throughout time.

Islam varies slightly on there belife of creation though. Muslims believe that all animals were created by Allah from the water, supporting the evoulution theory. They however believe that humans were created sperately from other animals and did not evolve from apes. These religions are very similar in belife systems and how everything came to be, mostly because of the prophet Abraham.