Are Islamic Ideals Slowing Modernization ?

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In this essay I will be using MLA as a writing style, this essay will prove that many Islamic ideals and Extremism are stopping modernization and also promoting hatred between western and Muslim countries. This fact will be proven using these supporting points, Firstly the oppression of women in Muslim countries all over the world holds back a significant population of women who may have great things to contribute to many aspects of knowledge around the world. Furthermore, Muslim's who interpret the Qur'an in a very extremist fashion and seek to convert the entire world or kill those standing in their way bring a kind of hatred that impedes social relations between western countries and Muslim countries and contributes to the false stereotypes that all Muslims are terrorists.

To begin with, women in most Muslim countries are treated with little respect and oppressed because they are believed as being half as important men, therefore their opinions and ideas are usually disregarded and most of the time never heard.

Women have been persecuted in all corners of the world throughout time but over the past century have made great strides to be seen as equal to men in most countries around the world. In Islam however the image of women is far worse than a lot of the ways in which women were oppressed in other religions or facets of life, they are not supposed to be seen in public without a man at their side and they must always have their faces covered, furthermore they have no rights to vote. In Islam women are seen as second class citizens that have nothing to offer and are treated as so, growing up in a secular society I may not understand all aspects of their religion but it seems inhumane to do...