"The Island of Dr.Moreau"

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The topic on which this essay briefly covers is based on the novel of "The Island of Dr. Moreau". The Island of Dr.Moreau is based on a man who tries to play god and it allbackfires on him. He does experiments where he mixes animals with humans creating a whole new creature. This novel fits into the science-fiction genre because this book has alot to do with scientists and creation of something new due to tests being done. The definition of science fiction is genre of fiction in which advances in science, or contact with more scientifically advanced civilizations, create situations different from those of both the present day and the known past. This definition cleary fits the novel through and through.

In a science-fiction novel, some of the storylines would consist of mad scientists or experiments gone wrong. With "The Island of Dr. Moreau" it does consist of a mad scientist and an experiment that has gone extremely wrong to where it actually backfires onto him.

Some other science fiction novels that would relate to this story is Stand on Zanzibar. It has some relation to this story because in both novels a character tries to take the future of other peoples lives into their own hands. Dr. Moreau did that with the animals he was transforming into people. He didnt have any consideration for how things were going to turn out.

Science fiction novels always have an eerie setting. I can list so many novels that are all based around suspense and a horror setting. Make Room! Make Room!, is a novel based with a horrific setting and a suspenseful storyline. This story was full of bizarre creatures and monsters. Monsters being classified as the half human half animal. Another novel that reminds...