The islander part 4: the dream

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The islanders part 4: The Dream.

It was dark, and I was outside. There was a bonfire, going on, or so it seemed to be a bonfire. I realized instantly, that I was watching someone else's life, and not mine. That I had nothing to do with this. I was just an observer. I saw a young man. He was very handsome. He was tall, and he had dark features. He reminded me of someone. But I couldn't remember who.

"Kamoha!" the young man named Kamoha turned around. "Mokma?! What are you doing here?" Mokma was breathing hard, "I have come to warn you, they pirates think that you have the gift of foresight, they want to use your power to find the gold! Kamoha, you have to hide, or they will kill you!" "I can't I must see Guilona, my friend I apprecate your concern and your information, but please do not let the pirates find you."

"But I can not leave you, you must go... (he wasn't able to finish someone had interrupted him.)

"Kamoha?" "It's Guilona, go, I will speak with you later, go!" "Oh Kamoha, I was afraid for you." Kamoha took Guilona into his arms, he stroked her hair. She was beautiful, she had light brown hair, and eyes the like fire, they were dark drown. She looked young, she didn't look like Kamoha, or Mokma. She seemed to be from another place, not from their small island. Her skin was white, she had a very small French accent.

"I know the pirates are looking for you, you must hide, I beg you." she pleaded. "But... she didn't let him finish. "I know of a place, I can hide you. Please come with me." she looked at him with a sweet smile. "For...