The islanders part 1

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Hanan Elaraby

English 1, period 6


Ms. Pryor

The islanders.

"Kat! Wait up!" Jennifer yelled to her friend Katherine. Katherine turned around just in time to see Jennifer and Sara running up to her. Wow, Sara and Jennifer look really pretty today, Katherine thought, I'm so glad we are going on this trip together.

"Hey Kat, I love your shirt." Sara said. She smiled one of her really great smiles, and tossed her red curls back away from her face. Jennifer started to giggle, "I know why you like her shirt so much, cause you have one just like it!" the three girls burst into laughter.

"Hey wait a minute you have one just like it too, Jen!" Sara said between every laugh. Jennifer started to blush, "So, what's your point?" the girls started laughing all over again.

"Come on you guys, we don't have all day, the boat isn't gonna wait forever you know."

Kat said. I hope we meet guys on the island, I know we wont have a problem with that. Katherine thought. She stared at her friends. Sara was pretty, she had that "I know what I am doing" look to her, with her green eyes, and long her red curly hair, and her tanned skin. She had a great smile. No wonder guys go crazy over her. Then there was Jennifer, she was a party animal, she has short straight blonde hair, and blue eyes, her skin wasn't as dark as Sara's, but she was darker than me. She also had a great smile. Then there was me, I was told I have this innocent look, with dark features. Like I was both an angel and a devil. I have dark brown hair, and big dark eyes.

"Has, anyone seen Samantha?" asked...