ISP is a better school than Balboa Academy

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Many people may argue over whether Balboa Academy is a better school than ISP or not. Balboa Academy students will agree with this statement and ISP students will not, both of them in order to keep their schools pride. Point-by-point, this paper will reasonably prove that ISP is a better school than Balboa Academy.

Out of all the reasons why ISP is better, the first reason is that ISP provides a good IB Diploma program to the students. The IB Diploma program is an advance program that is highly valued by many of the international colleges and universities around the world.

Another reason is that there is a much more diverse faculty and student body. People may wonder why this makes ISP a better school, but this characteristic of ISP allows students to learn how to appreciate the differences of races and also how to respect of other people’s cultures.

Not only do the IB diploma and the diversity of faculties and student bodies make ISP a better school, the fact that ISP has a better financial foundation increases its values. Better financial foundation means that ISP has much more money and is financially supported much more than Balboa Academy. This means lets the school to have much more resources for the student’s education.

Even though the Balboa Academy has the AP program, also known as the advance placement program, ISP has the much better IB program. IB program is known to be much more demanding and difficult than the advance placement program, such as the long extended essay that all IB students should write, all the CAS hours, and the requirement of the class TOK (Theory of Knowledge). People may say, “Well Balboa must be much better because there has not been many turnovers like there have been in ISP.” But those people are totally wrong. Many turnovers does not always mean that the schools unstable, those turnovers may sometimes have a positive influence in the school. For example, when a new principal comes, he can come to the school and compare it to his previous schools and help improve the parts that he thinks should be improved like his previous schools. Also the new principal can be a much more experienced leader.

No matter what anybody says, ISP is a better school than Balboa Academy because of all the reasons given above. Even though all schools are for teaching the kids, little characteristics of each and every school rank them into the best to the worst.