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ISRAEL Israel is a small country in southwestern Asia known as the Middle East. It has the density of 528 per square mile, and the elavation of 3,963 above sea level on the highest point, mount Meron. On the eastern shore is the Mediterranean Sea. Israel was founded in 1948. It's pupose was to be a homland for Jews from all around the world, and more than 5 out of 4 of its people are Jews. Almost all non-jews in Israel are Arabs. The national anthem is Hatevka, which means hope in English.

Around 83% of Israel are Jews. Arabs make up nearly all of the remaining 17%. Most are Palestinians who have their own farm villages.

There are two official languages; Hebrew, the language spoken by most of the Jewish population, and Arabic. Many Israelis also speak English, and Many Jews speak Yiddish, a Germanic language developed in Europe.

About one-fifth of the Jewish population are very strict to observe their religion. These are called Orthodox Jews. The rest are secular or non-religious. Orthodox believe that religious values should help build the government. Sucular and non-religious want to limit the role of religion. 77% of non-jews are Arab Muslims. 13% of non-jews are Arab Cristians, mostly Greek Catholic and Greek Orthodox. Most of the remaining 10% are Druses, an Arabic speaking group who follow a religion that formed out of Islam. A few are Baha'is of other small religious groups.

The natonal Israeli government is democratic rebublic with a parliament-cabinet form of government. There is no written constitution. Instead there are "basic laws" passed by the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. The national government devides the country into 6 districs, and 14 subdistrics. One of the cabinet members appoints officials to head them.

The local government has elected councils. Regional...