Israeli-Arab Conflict

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From the early days of the human race, people were looking for reasons and explanations to the world they live in, and to their lives' purposes in it ( In the beginning, people believed mostly in the power of nature and some spiritual forces; thus, they believed and worshipped many "Gods" and idols ( people/ features/world_religions/index.shtml). The beginning of monotheism was 3000 years ago ( shtml). It was the first time where a person believed that there is only one ultimate law/force and that force is the one that has created and controlled the universe (http:// Since the 6th century, there are 3 monotheism religions: the Judaism, the Christians, and the Islam; moreover, each religion has its own book, believes, symbols, and holy men ( index.shtml). The differences between religions have always been a source of hatred and war, and today it is bigger than ever. This essay will try to show the background and main reasons for the war between Jewish and Muslim people.

In order to understand the differences and background between Judaism and Islam, one must know the origin and nation of these two religions. Both the Judaism and the Islam have the same father. According to the Old Testimony (Genesis 21), a wealthy shepherd named Abraham lived in the lands of Mesopotamia (Iraq), a country near Israel. According the old testimony and the Kabala, one day Abraham was enlighten and realized that there is only one force that has created and controlled everything, and then he wrote the "Book of Creation", which was the first book of Kabala and monotheism. In his book Abraham explained how God created the universe (with Hebrew letters) and how his spiritual laws affects the material world. Since Abraham's wife, Sara could not have children, Abraham took his...