The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The story of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not something that started yesterday it is something has been going on for more than 50 years. It is a conflict that began with the declaration of Israel on the Palestinian land in 1948, and even before it has been going on since the beginnings of the Zionist-Jewish immigration to Palestine under the British protection.

The Palestinians all this time have been suffering from these illegal activities of the expansion of the Israeli settlements, where they have been forced to leave their land. And the history of this conflict witnesses a lot of massacres done by Israel against the Palestinians, most dramatically at Deir Yassin where in April 1948, 254 defenseless civilians were slaughtered. 1 This is all a Confiscation policy being followed up today, in 1948, in Israel, Arab villages were bulldozed over, citrus groves, lands, and property seized, and their owners and inhabitants prohibited from returning.2

This brutal policy was applied in order to put fear in their hearts and force them to leave their lands. And whether they resisted or not, they were always the losers, time after time; they left their lands with a hope that they might come back someday. And the famous Zionist slogan in the beginnings of this century that says "Palestine is a land without people for a people without land" reveals how brutally the Palestinians were treated.

The Zionists of the century never recognized that there is another people in what they claim to be their "promised homeland", they never admitted the fact that there is another people inhabiting that land, they never raised the question for a proper solution for that problem, they even went further. The militant Zionist Revisionist leader Vladimir Jabotinsky was under no illusion as his fellow Zionists,