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From the issue dated December 7, 2001 The current Chronicle | Related materials | Search current issue | Back issues -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE FACULTY 'UNDERSTANDING EQUANIMITY' A new institute at West Virginia University examines the roles of consciousness and thought in nonstressful living; some professors say it's promoting New Age bunk.

ECONOMICS IS SEXY Or it could be, if professors would recognize that the discipline has progressed beyond the version they learned -- and if they would change their teaching accordingly -- writes William E. Becker, a professor of economics at Indiana University at Bloomington.

'UNDESERVEDLY HIGH GRADES': A Colgate University professor has sparked a furor with comments on minority students' achievement.

SETTING LIMITS: The College of William and Mary has banned affairs between faculty members and undergraduates.

PEER REVIEW: Physicists at Prairie View A&M say the university's president cost them a lucrative federal grant. ... Three American Indian professors are suing Humboldt State University for bias.

SYLLABUS: In "Advocacy in the Digital World," freshmen at Dickinson College learn how to weigh in on the Web regarding issues that interest them.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESEARCH & PUBLISHING IDENTITY AND CONTRADICTION Immigrants play an essential role in the formation of democracies, says a Canadian scholar in an unexpectedly timely book.

TELLING THEIR OWN STORY Only recently have historians begun to see Asian Americans as subjects, rather than objects, of history -- in part because members of the group themselves are now making a mark on the discipline -- writes Roger Daniels, a professor of history at the University of Cincinnati.

RESHAPING THE FIELD: A look at some of the work by young scholars shows the range of topics in Asian American history today.

WHY NOT NOBEL? Four descendants of the creator of the prestigious awards say he disdained economics and would not have...