Issues in Human Resource Management

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One of the biggest responsibilities and perhaps one of the toughest jobs in a company is that of a Human Resource Manager. Problems arise and circumstances change, and it is the responsibility of this manager to help settle problems and misunderstandings. Cartwright-Porter Regional Airport is one that had a few problems and circumstances arise recently. In this paper I will discuss a little about Cartwright-Porter and their current situation and also in general about how situations don't just target specific employees but many other groups in an organization, issues with sexual harassment and appraisal systems in organizations.

Currently at Cartwright-Porter Regional Airport there has arisen an issue with the baggage handlers. There has been an increase in the amount of passengers traveling, and a large amount of excess baggage that has come along with the extra number of passengers. The work is hard, and the baggage handlers feel like they are not being evenly compensated for their work.

Even though this is currently only a complaint by the baggage handlers, it is a complaint that can soon escalate and affect many other groups in the airport if a solution to fix the problem is not brought to the table quickly. If the baggage handlers are upset they may decide to not work as hard or take sick time or quit which would cause delays for planes to take-off and land, and will slow down the job for other airport personnel also. In the business world, one small group of an organization not having their issue resolved can cause problems for other small groups of that organization that can then lead to company-wide problems.

One of the problems that face some employers today is sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that violates the Civil Rights Act...