Issues in Human Resource Management Simulation

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The increase in volume at Cartwright-Porter airport has made some employees, especially the maintenance department overwhelmed with job duties. The impact of specific activities targeted at a small group within the organization such as the baggage handlers on the rest of the organizations employees is it creates low morale for other employees. When one set of employees are unhappy they are usually talking about it at work in the break room. This allows other employees within the organization to hear the complaints. As is human nature when one person is complaining another is going to agree even if that individual does not work in the same department. This could create a snowball effect that could reach to other departments and more unhappy employees.

During the simulation, it was important to review the existing compensation structure of the baggage handlers. In order to help the disgruntled employees it was determined to review the existing compensation structure and add cash as well as non-cash benefits.

The decision was made to offer a spot cash incentive this was a good idea as it motivates an employee to go beyond the call of duty. The second decision was to retain individual performance incentive this also was a good idea as it is a strong motivator for an employee to want to excel. The other ideas were to utilize piecework, personal loan, paid holiday, and flying points.

Organizations need to do two things in order to ensure that they convey its stringent policy on sexual harassment. The first is communication to the employees. This allows the employees to openly communicate what he or she feels is considered sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is in the eyes of the beholder and therefore different individuals can have different levels of what is acceptable and what is not. By...