Issues Management & Crisis Communication Plan

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You are the newly appointed corporate communication consultant for the new low cost airline Air Asia.

State why your airline needs to monitor & manage issues (identify some of the potential issues) and why a crisis communication plan needs to be developed and put into effect.

Refer to case studies, media reporting of issues and crises, source of help in starting and managing a crisis plan, and who should be involved in the management of the plans.

Table of Contents

Question 3: Issues Management & Crisis Communication Plan2


1. Issue management plan4

1.1 External threats5

1.2 Internal threats5

1.3 Intelligence6

1.4 Selected Spokespeople6

2. Crisis communication plan7

2.1 Prepare for a crisis7

2.2 Crisis - what now?7


Appendix A - PowerPoint Presentation10

Appendix B - Crisis Management Simulation16


Risk management is a very important part of good management and especially essential for an airline. Crisis have become "normal" and today there are so many threats to the airline business industry that it is inexcusable not to think about possible scenarios and to prepare, at least to some degree, to crises.

The difference for a low cost to a normal airline is mainly, that augmentations in prices are more relevant and cost-cutting methods might change into a threat if the money is saved in terms of quality (for example bogus parts, which are unregistered, often low quality parts for airplanes). On the other hand catering problems such as bad quality or even food poisoning are not such a big threat since there is less food served on board. Many customer bring their own snacks to save money. Security issues such as terrorism and natural catastrophes are a global threat but presently especially important for the Asian Pacific region.

1. Issue management plan

Before an issue management plan...