Issues Paper

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Issues Paper

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Professor Farnworth

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Obesity Costs in America

Fitness is something that I find to be very important not only due to physical appearance but because a majority of illness is derived from being unhealthy As America has become more sedentary there has been an increase in health complications that are due to simply being overweight As we have been moving less it has been destroying the populous more, cardio-vascular diseases have become the number one killer in the United States surpassing lung cancer as of the mid 2000's As we sit less we cost more and it causes a greater strain on the economy that could easily be lessened with a simple regimen of exercise and eating healthy With obesity a major issue in this country one has two parties to look towards, the primary problem: the people who are eating the foods and not exercising regularly and the secondary problem: the foods that are being distributed As it is east to see food producers are simply giving the people what the market says that people want to eat, these things are salts, sugars, and fats This is very easy to understand as any individual who has ever partaken in a potato chip understands that the Lay's tag line of "You can't only have one" holds all too true This is difficult because as these foods are consumed weights go up, and so do health care costs that are obesity related The Surgeon General states directly "Obesity is a major health problem in the United States, it plays a central role in the development in diabetes mellitus and confers an increased risk for CHD, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, dyslipoproteinemia, various cancers, and all-cause mortality" (133 Physical Activity and Health)

The additional costs of obesity...