Issues with School Uniforms

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School Mandated Uniforms: A Proposal for Discipline and Safety

In recent years, many public school districts across the country have been grappling with the decision of whether or not to enforce a stricter, mandatory dress code and have looked towards many private charter schools. The concern that ambivalent school districts have is whether the effectiveness of this uniform policy will "outweigh the costs to implement it" (Butler). Also, students and parents, in particular, have voiced their objections that such a strict dress code infringes on the students freedom of expression and creativity and would not be cost effective. The current system of how schools address how students should dress is frankly sporadic, lackadaisical, and uncoordinated, left to the devices of school administration and, to an extension, the students. However, in the last few years, as many school districts adopt school uniforms, it is more evident that school uniforms benefit schools greatly by increasing security, reducing distractions and discipline issues, preparing students for post graduation in the work force, teaching them "proper attire for future employment" (Sager), and providing a cost effective way for parents to purchase clothes for their children while still allowing students to express their creativity through accessories and extracurricular activities.

A more coordinated, organized system of mandated uniforms would provide just those very results for all school districts.

First off, implementing a nationwide, even state wide, standard uniform for all schools is simply too daunting and difficult because of the sheer girth of where it needs to be done. However, small scale implementation school district by school district in the city of Houston would narrow the scope so it would be much easier to observe how effective mandated uniforms would be and minimize losses if any were to occur because of the implementation. One school district...