Issues in the Workplace

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This paper entails discussions of some common issues in the work place. We will touch on just a few of the everyday issues that most people face and are effected by. We will begin by examining common difficulties we face with co-workers, explain how to identify a difficult person, and then give pointers on possible techniques on dealing with that person. We will then discuss communication and effective listening skills in the work place. Communication is one of the most important qualities you can possess in the workplace because it allows you to communicate what needs to be done. Effective listening is vital in the work place. We will then finalize the paper with some insight to motivation in the workplace.

Work EnvironmentHuman behavior in the workplace can have both a positive or negative effect on the rest of the co-workers at the workplace. There are seven types of human behavior styles that will be discussed in this section of the paper.

The first style is the work place commanders. The commander is the type of person who demands things from the other co-workers (Dalton, 2005). This individual is normally a control freak and sets high demands for his co-workers. He can come over very rude to the other co-workers. This type of individual usually shows no emotion to the personal life of the co-workers. This individual only shows emotion toward work and nothing else. If the individual has a family, the work always comes first, even over the family (Dalton, 2005). This style can come over to others as if they are trying to take over your job but when in reality they are just trying to get the job done. You can look at this style as a co-worker taking initiative to get the job done. The biggest...