An isu all about serial killers, how their brains work, their childhoods, types of serial killers, examples of certain killers, characteristics..stuff like that

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Who is a serial killer? Why do people become serial killers? Are they born or are they made? Why do they kill? Where do they come from and how can they be identified so they can be stopped and controlled?

Some, if not all of these questions I think I have answered successfully.

Killers Cycle and Serial Killer Categories

1. Visionary- psycho instructed by higher power- usually medically insane (e.g. Hillside Strangler)

2. Mission-Oriented- to rid the world of certain people, they think they are helping the world (e.g. Charles Manson)

3. Hedonistic- for sexual pleasure (e.g. Ted Bundy)

4. Power- Oriented- similar to #3- kill because they like the feeling of power/control (e.g. Washington Sniper)

There are 6 phases of the serial killer's cycle:

1) The Aura Phase, where the killer begins losing grip on reality;

2) The Trolling Phase, when the killer searches for a victim;

3) The Wooing Phase, where the killer lures his victim in;

4) The Capture Phase, where the victim is chosen and captured;

5) The Murder or Totem phase, which is the emotional high for killers; and finally,

6) The Depression Phase, which occurs after the killing.

"The killer is simply acting out a ritualistic fantasy . . . but, once sacrificed, the victims identity within the murderer's own fantasy is lost. The victim no longer represents what the killer thought he or she represented. The image of a fiancée who rejected the killer, the echo of the voice of the hated mother, or the taunting of the distant father; all remains vividly in the killer's mind after the crime. Murder has not erased or changed the past because the killer hates himself even more than he did before the climax of emotion. . . it is only his own past that...