Italian Mob

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Italian Mob


One of the most untrustworthy and unpleasant people are the people from the underworld of crime. It's not easy to mess with these guys and publicly state about their endeavors. Nevertheless, they are the most talked and heard about individuals, than any other. The media especially takes a keen interest in highlighting their lives, a lot of times showing their wild side of their profession. The media is not just limited to the movies like the God father series and Valachi Papers, but they are also the official part of the gaming consoles i.e. Grand Theft (GTA). Even the media of internet is not far behind and have introduced the games even on the social networking websites like Mafia Wars on Facebook (Phillip, pp 10-12). The enigma of showing the Mafia and the Godfather is ever emerging and people take special interest in following it whether through the movies or gaming.

Many of the movies of Mafia are: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), The Sting (1973), The Godfather series and Valachi Papers etc (Reppetto, pp 15-16).


One of the professions that possess fatal consequences at every turn is criminality and gangsterism. It was in the nineteenth-century when the US was under the attack of outlaws. There were bandits all over America and it looked like that even the US govt. was unable to control the insurgencies of these mafia people. Many movies of the same caliber were made during the era of 70's and 80, highlighting the existence of the godfathers, the dons and the bandits. There were too many street gangs during the time these movies were made. Among them were the immigrant communities of Irish, Italian and Chinese (Phillip, pp 10-12). During the time when the government was on a mission to...