The Italian Renaissance

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The Italian Renaissance

The Italian Renaissance, a time of artwork, a time of prosperity, a time of innovation. Following the Middle Ages or during the late 14th century, this age came to bring about a lot of changes throughout Europe but mainly originating from Italy. This was a time in where the core aspect of how we developed art, literature, and politics was allowed to expand and advance. With the economy leaning more into a society built with city-states the political leaders started to see the influence art could have and the type of control it could gain over people. The outcome was that city-states would try to flourish spreading bonds apart, and would compete for supremacy in the artistic world. City-states soon started pulling in artists and would use them to make their areas more popular and gain commerce.

The real highlight of the renaissance came from the art and the techniques and styles associated with them.

Painters, sculptors, and architects all came together to produce a mass arrangement of fine art. With the influential works of leadings sculptors like Donatello, the realism of paints portrayed by Botticelli and Giotto, and Leondardo Da Vinci's style to create futuristic objects, art came to be more lifelike. With many more artists we came to look at art as more than just pictures and words, but an in depth revitalization of human society. Many artists during the high renaissance and beyond soon adopted techniques related to these artists works and elaborated on them bringing the artistic world into an economical boom. The Renaissance helped to break from the original style and introduced the new way to look at things rather than the "traditional style".