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I interviewed Alex . Alex visited Italy in 1995. He stayed there for 1 year. He went there to visit his grandparents.

The first day he was in Italy he got lost. He was confused because he knew some italian, but not enough. Now, he knows the language very well. He stayed with his grandparents in a small town.

He says that he didn't leave the town much while he visited. His favorite place was the small house his grandparents have lived in for 30 years.

He really like the closeness of the community his grandparents lived in. The most memoriable thing for him was learning to speak Italian. It took him a while to be able to have a conversation.

His grandparents did know english though so it wasn't that bad. He met their neighbor, an old lady. He remembers the old women making him cookies. Since he has returned to the United States both his grandparents have past away, due to old age.

He no longer keeps in touch with anyone he has met while in Italy.

He says he missed the family he has here. He is used to be away from family though because they all live here and he lives in West Virginia. He said he loved learning about how another culture functions. He enjoyed being able to interact with another culture. It left a lasting impression on him because it was nothing like anything he's ever experienced. He says he would like to go back but he has nobody to go with him.

He says he really misses his grandparents, and he wishes they were still alive, so he can go back and stay with them again. He liked it so much he even considered moving there, but he got married and she didnt want to move overseas. He said that Italy is a "beautiful country, and I'm jealous of all the people that live there."