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ITIL, known as IT Infrastructure Library was developed in the late 1980s by branch of British Government.

The main objective for British Government to develop ITIL is to capture and promote business effectiveness in the use of information system due to the increasing of the organizational demands to reduce the cost in the mean while mean maintaining or improving of the IT services. It basically provides a basis improvement of the usage and the effect of operation arranged of IT infrastructure within the organization.

Today, ITIL been well known as a public body knowledge of providing a best practice service management frame work to help and improve the organization service level and reduce IT cost. It value came from by supporting a broad service delivery, support recommendation and common define and expressions. ITIL guidance not only allows organization to standardize the IT infrastructure also, leverage the best practices across the organization to help the organization to achieve their business objectives as well as IT operational improvement.

The ITIL concepts involve many parties, whose they are industry experts, consultant and partitioners to work closer in monitoring and tailoring its service to the needs of the organization, in order to achieve enhancement of service quantity and quality, as well develop effective and efficient processes.

The independent view of the external consultant able to break away the unbending structure in term of internal culture that been developed decade and meet the requirement of the organization. Beside as guidance, it also provides training, coaching, vocational and professional examination as well as consultancy.

ITIL is more than a guidance or key factor for business strategy and the source of competitive advantage, in the same time it support the rapid grow of complexity of information, filtering the useful and un-useful information. As a result, it...