Its Is a short summary about Sherlock Holmes for Hounds Of The Baskervilles

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Sherlock Holmes is a very complex character, he has many different qualities. You can almost think you know him, and then he might do something unexpected, like later in the book. I can not give his physical description, because the book does not go into great detail about his appearance. He approaches evidence in a very good manor. He always looks everything over; He always looks for every piece of evidence that he would be able to pick up and use. He also thinks outside the box when he is investigating, that is one reason why he is so good at his job as a detective. When he questions someone, he ask them every single question that can do with that case, because Sherlock Holmes know that he might not be able to question them again later. Holmes thinks a lot of himself and he makes it very evident. Some time he almost even shows off and brags to Watson about how he is better than him at solving crimes.

Such as, in the first chapter, Holmes asks Watson what he thinks about the walking cane that was left behind. Watson examines the cane and give his best thought about what happened. Then, Holmes just said that that was a nice try, but this is what he belives what happened with his stick, and he was almost saying what he says, is right, always. Holmes does have a few quirks about him. He is almost unnaturally intelligent and can think of a solution to a case in a very short time. He cocaine addiction is also a very peculiar part about him. You wouldn't think that someone that smart and with that sharp of a mind would resort to cocaine when in need of assistance in thinking. I think the...