Its the summary of "The rocking horse Winner" by D.H Lawrence.

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Summary of "The Rocking Horse Winner"

"The Rocking-Horse Winner" by D.H. Lawrence is about a boy,

Paul, who makes a great deal of money by betting on horses.

He knows which horses to bet on because somehow, when he

rides his rocking Horse; it tells him which one will win.

Paul's family needed money. Bent on helping his mother, who

equates "luck" with "wealth," Paul gains an interest on betting

on the horses. Fronted by the family gardener Bassett, Paul begins

to make a lot of money, but seems to become more and more

obsessed with a toy rocking horse. With the help of his uncle

Oscar, Paul secretly sets up a trust fund for his mother, who in

turn begins to spend money more rapidly than before. The stakes

then become higher for Paul as the pressure mounts to pick a

winner for the Derby, never minding the fact that the pressure is

taking a toll on his body and mind.

It was one night that Paul was

riding his horse at full speed when suddenly a blaze of light hit

him up. He screamed, "Malabar!" Then he fell off with a crash

that would put him into unconsciousness; he never did recover from

that fall. He died later that night.

Paul needed his rocking horse, without it he would never

have felt that luck. Luck gave him a sense of worth that

would help him to know that he could succeed later in life.

The rocking horse let him forget all his worries and focus

on the "winner". He loved to ride his rocking horse.Every

time he jumped on it was like the biggest race he would

ever be in and gave it his all. Paul died doing something

he loved.