Its your funeral

Essay by grantmitch10B+, April 2007

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It's your funeral

Paragraph 1:

Im not one to think about death often, but when I do, I don't think of the dark and gloomy side of it, I believe death just to be a natural part of life. As in relation to be scared of death, Im not scared to die, but before I do die I would like to have lived my life to the full. The only problem I have with death is if my life is taken not by my own accord, if my life was to end by the idiocy of someone else, if I am to die I would either like to die of age, or of my own accord, not to do with the life of others.

Paragraph 2:

As im not a religious person or believe in any sort of religion, my funeral would not have a religious feel to it, I also wouldn't like my funeral to be a sad passing, I believe at a funeral you should not morn the persons death but remember all the good times you have spent.

My funeral would be a like a party, I would like to have a huge space, with decorations, funs activities etc to allow people to have fun not be sad and gloomy.

Paragraph 3:

I would like to die from age; I have always wanted to die at the oldest I could possibly get without having someone else look after me, if I was to lose my ability to look after myself at 70 I would like to die at that age.

If I was to know how long I have to live, I would challenge my life; do all the things I was afraid of, such as bungee jumping, paragliding, jumping out of planes.

Anything that could possibly...