"its Your Ship" by michael Abrashoff

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Book Review:

"It's Your Ship"

The techniques used by Mr. Abrashoff are very innovative and easily applied. I read the book and was actually surprised at how easy he makes his job sound. The way he works with his crew is like none other as far as I'm concerned. He states how he doesn't care about the non-believers because he doesn't want to be promoted. These actions have enabled him to do stuff for his people rather than his career. Abrashoff believes that the sailor is the boss not the guy with all the stripes because the sailor is the most vital part to a ship and its crew. His ideals lead him to believe that it is the view of the sailor that is most important, and when he started to see things from his crew's point of view he began to get more work done. Abrashoff was special because he took the time to see if there was a "better/more efficient" way of doing things.

He said the he spook with as many crew members and every department on the ship. In today's society many people high up rarely take the time out to personally talk to the people on the lower end. This is something that made Abrashoff unique.

Abrashoff spoke of how he raised he crews moral and tried to make things fun. He explained how a month of sailing in the Middle East isn't exactly fun. One thing he did was in October was hold a pumpkin carving contest. Getting pumpkins in the Middle East isn't easy but he took special measures took make sure his crew was happy. Other examples of his entertainment were music video on the side of the ship, an admiral doing his Elvis impersonation of "blue Christmas" during...