Ituen and the Kings Wife

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I chose to read the Nigerian Folk Tale of Ituen and the King's Wife. This story was about King Offiong who was an older man who had many wives as this was tradition back when this story was told I am assuming, although it was never stated in the story just how many wives he had. The youngest wife went by the name of Attem. Attem was very pretty and although she knew it to be wrong of her she desired a young, handsome man to be her lover on the side thus resulting in her search for a man of her desiring via orders by her (the queen) to her servant. The servant did as the queen asked and she looked high and low but did not find anyone that the queen would desire as a lover so upon her return to give the young queen the news she went through the market place on her way back to the castle and stumbled upon a poor pauper who was picking up leftover food on the ground and he caught her eye and then she knew that he would fit the bill for what the queen was longing for in a lover.

She returned to the castle and told the queen the news of her findings. The queen sent her servant to bring this young man back to her thus the servant complied with the queens wishes. Upon the Ituen's arrival to the castle the queen answered the door and she immediately had him bathed and dressed in proper clothes. She hid him in the castle against his will because he knew his demise if he were to be caught, for her her pleasure and to keep her happy. She ultimately fell in love with Ituen and later it was...