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1 the summary of the book, the plot, the conflict climax

2. which character i mostly Identified myself with

3. how does the setting of the story affect the story, what if the story was set somewhere else, would make a difference?

4. what kind of conflicts are there? How would have jesus reacted to one of the conflits


Ivanhoe is a story set in the Higher Middle ages, in the 12th century of England. It is a story that is made of historical facts and ideas that have been put together in an interesting way to come up with a masterpiece that is worth reading, even to me, who hate books.

The setting of the story is when England was politically unstable. King Richard the brave heart had been imprisoned in the Hollyland. His brother, the evil Prince Johin had taken over the reign of England and due to his absurd and evil ways of ruling such as collecting high taxes, the Englishmen didn't like him at all.

But there were those who were royal to him, such as three knights who were Brian de Bois Guilbert the templar, Reginald Front de Boer and De Bracey.

As the title suggests, most of the story is about the knight Ivanhoe of Wilfred. Upon his return from the Holy land, he meets that his Saxon father Cedric of Rotherwood has already disinherited because he left to fight his Saxon country and went to fight for the Norman King Richard. He also not sure whether his love, Lady Rowena who is under the guidance of his father Cedric has forgotten him.

Now at those days, there used to be tournaments in which knights would compete against each and whoever would win would, according to the rules of chivalry choose a...