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"The Ivory Trail" is a book, by Victor Kelleher, in which illustrates an imaginative journey. The book-cover is designed to promote the desire to read the book, and is therefore a visually appealing method to attract the audience.

Firstly, the title itself conveys a rare journey. Ivory being a rare and valuable item found in tusks, and Trail meaning an unpaved region across a wild region. The position of the writing on the cover is done in a specific manner to attract attention. There is focus on the author's name, in which then leads into the title. The name gains attention by the contrasting colours, font size in which is positioned to the left.

The creator has used an overlapping effect with the images to create a collage which gives a visual representation of a journey. The three main images in which occupy the cover is the boy's eyes, the sphinx and the minarets in the background.

The boy's eyes are overlapping the image of sand, looking up with open eyes showing bewilderment. The eyes are western, showing how these eyes are not native to the land, this showing traveling to another place, one aspect of journey. The eyes are directed towards the sphinx, showing the boy's astonishment towards these unnatural surroundings. Since the eyes are a very predominant image, they catch the audience's attention, as a way of foreshowing the book is shown in his perspective.

The sphinx, the next main image, is of a foreign world, but still well known. The statues eyes are mask like, in comparison to the boys. This contrast is another way of showing the boy's foreign visit to this land. This image is native to Egypt, which gives the setting in a visual form to the audience.

The last image of...