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A vital proceeding in the specialty of child and adolescent psychiatry was the recognition of juvenility or childhood as a unique phase of life with its own developmental stages, beginning with the infant and eventually continuing through adolescence (Developmental psychology: childhood and adolescence). As early as the late 1800's, the term "child psychiatry" was used as a sub-title in Manheimer's monograph "Les Troubles Mentaux de I'Enfance" (Manheim, Marcel (1960)). However, psychiatrist Moritz Tramer (1882-1963) was most likely the one to define the boundaries of child psychiatry in terms of diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis within the discipline of medicine in 1933. In 1934, Moritz Tramer founded the Zeitschrift fur Kinderpsychiatrie, (Journal of Child Psychiatry), which later became Acta Paedopsychiatria (American Journal of Psychiatry, 121: 103-4). The Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry was formally founded by Dr. Leo Kanner in 1930, the first of its kind. Dr. Kanner was the first physician to be identified as a child psychiatrist in the entire country and his book, "Child Psychiatry", is credited with the honor of introducing the specialty that is child psychiatry to the academic community.

Even today, the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry continues to provide the highest quality care for its patients (John Hopkins: Child Psychiatry). Adolf Meyer- Swiss psychiatrist who rose to prominence as the official president of the American Psychiatric Association and was one of the most influential figures in psychiatry in the first half of the twentieth century, especially towards the work of Dr. Leo Kranner. His focus on collecting detailed case histories on patients is the most prominent of his contributions: along with his insistence that patients could best be understood through consideration of their life situations (Guide to The Adolf Meyer Collection). Other divisions of child psychiatry began to evolve in the United States...